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The Circus: Trump vs. the Clinton(s)

Killing time before the spectacular wreck of tonight’s presidential debate, I decided to catch this week’s episode of?The Circus: Inside the Greatest Political Show on Earth?on the Showtime channel.

The Circus is a documentary style series that aims to provide an insider’s look into the presidential selection process, reviews the week’s hits and misses on the candidate’s campaign trails, and sews it up with a titch of historical antecdotes in an attempt to put the circus into context.

Hosted by Mark Halperin, John Heilemann and Mark McKinnon, the show doesn’t get deep. This is reality tv for political junkies not in depth reporting for science nerds. But this week Mark Halperin did something quite amazing. While discussing debate strategy with Democratic strategist Chris LeHane?he pulled out an old video of Bill Clinton debating George H.W. Bush and the boys drooled over it. LeHane nearly misty eyed, if only, his demeanor seemed to say.

In that moment, Halperin reminded his Showtime audience that if you elect Hillary, you get Bill. After all, would there be a Hillary candidacy if there wasn’t a Bill guiding her along?

Would there be a Hillary, if she were not always willing to swallow the vilest transgression like a good little girl, whether delivered by her degenerate husband or by the system that props her soulless carcass up on steps behind a podium to create the illusion she is more than what you see??Maybe she faints so often because she has no spine, no spirit, she most definitely is lacking a conscience, passion and integrity.

Definitely not the first woman running for president. The wife of an ex-president doing her best to stand in for him.

SongwritingWith:Soldiers – Monkey Mountain

Chuck Tryon, with Mary Gauthier

There’s a crack in my armor I don’t know what to do
After all these years something’s pushing through
My mind spins, my thoughts implode
I don’t believe what I was told

I feel guilty just to be alive
I’m still here, but I don’t know why
Monkey Mountain massacre, I see it with my eyes closed
I don’t believe what I was told

I don’t believe what I was told
I don’t believe what I was told

I see the young ones with a thousand yard stare
And I see myself I see me in there
I feel their heart I know their soul
And I don’t believe what I was told

I don’t believe what I was told
I don’t believe what I was told

I gotta stay busy I gotta give it away
Gotta put a smile on another vet’s face
It slows the demons it soothes my soul
I don’t believe what I was told

I don’t believe what I was told
I don’t believe what I was told

from SW?:?S Retreat – November 2014, released 31 December 2014
Mary Gauthier / Chuck Tryon

Brit Hume – Socialist?

In Hume’s criticism this weekend of Rand Paul’s statement regarding the plicity of Republican Party Hawks in the arming of ISIS, Hume alleged that Assad merely split Syria with the *Islamists barbaric imperialists. That same line of asinine, delusional thinking resonated amongst featured speakers at the 2014 Socialism Conference. Strange bedfellows?

*Whatever the ISIS scourge is, it is not collectively Islamist.

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